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  1. Lohandrie

    Camille,My mom is about to give me one in the next month, and I would love to share with you!!Rachel,Some other mamas and I went in to place an order from Glory Bee based out of Eugene. Let me know if you want to know the next time we get together to meet and make an order.Amanda,You seem to be a peosrn who strives for balance, so I am sure that you will find a way to balance things the best you can. Maybe you won’t get the laundry done, but you will get some canning or spinning done in your spare time ?? I’m sure with your limited time, you will spend it doing the things that matter most to you! Oh, and I totally read the Radical Homemaker book and really liked it.Annalise,You are sweet. I think that my thoughts may be a little too scattered and random for a book, that is why I love blogging Angeli,I would love to hear more about your pizza, and I think it is so important to focus on the things you do do well instead of all of the things you feel like you aren’t doing. I have the same problem, but I see that you do a million wonderful things.AdrienneYou do have interesting perspective being a stay at home and full time working mom. I love how much you read, and I can imagine that repurposing stuff would be very satisfying. I feel satisfied when I just repurpose a yogurt container to hold something else, so I would feel like a rockstar if I repurposed clothing .Elisabeth,Let me know if you want to know about ordering more foods. The prices were great. It definitely takes a while to find a groove at home, but the more time that passes and more I feel community with others .. it totally helps with the transition.Sunny,Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that I want to cherish this time and make time for what’s most important to me and maybe have a little extra time to clean .

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