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  1. Bhure

    I just found your blog. I agree with you 100% about the AA community. I am wiokrng on weight loss myself and I know that sugar and refined carbohydrates bring out the binge monster in me. As many times as I have tried to believe that I could eat all things in moderation I know it isn’t true for me. I think that because of years of poor nutrition (especially in pregnant women) there are metabolic abnormalities now present in many of us. The high carbohydrate diet isn’t going to work for everyone. Also, if you even just think about the fact that people in times past ate a lot less than we do and had more daily movement we might consider that they probably did have a lower-carb diet as compared to what we eat now. Eating one potato at a meal is different from eating a bag of potato chips. If a person just has 2 oz of say a better quality white bread like Ciabatta or something without preservatives (not that I’m advocating white bread) per meal that only equals about 90g carbs. If the rest of the food comes from a little meat or cheese and some in season fruit or vegetables that’s not a lot of carbs for a person living during a time when just the actions of daily living caused one to be more active. We didn’t always have cars, dish washers, washing machines, indoor running water, electric stoves, etc. We have shaved a lot of activity with all the conveniences that we have and now we have set aside purposeful time to reclaim that activity. It doesn’t take being a exercise fanatic either. We just have to be moderate and consistent. And we have to let go of the idea of the Hollywood body. Those people make a living being from being very thin (and thin doesn’t always equal healthy). They can afford personal trainers, expensive procedures, and have more time to devote to excessive exercise. We can still look good and be healthy without having a Hollywood body. There is evidence that supports that a BMI anywhere between 20 and 30 can be healthy depending on muscle, age, shape, nutrition, etc.In terms of economics, I thought a lot one day after having a candy bar binge. I spent $2.14 on two candy bars and ate them in about 10 minutes. If I would have taken that $2.14 and purchased real food I could have purchased one of the following: a pound of fresh fruit @ 1.99/lb; one dozen eggs; 8oz cheese; a large bag of frozen veggies; a head of lettuce; pint of half and half; 2-3 pounds of bananas; a pound of fresh veggies. Any of those would have given me a lot more nutrition than those candy bars and would have lasted for at least 3-4 meals. I learned my lesson no more wasteful binges for me. Maybe a family can buy a bag of cereal for a little bit of money but I would say that eating eggs (which aren’t that expensive) would probably keep the snack monster a bay and they probably would save money because they wouldn’t have to spend money on snacks to get them from breakfast to lunch. And there is nothing wrong with letting your stomach get to the growling stage. That is actually a God given built-in cue that it’s time to eat. Food actually taste better when you get to a true hunger stage anyway.I look forward to continuing to read about your weight loss success.

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